How to fill in this questionnaire

Who should be included in the questionnaire?

The details of all persons residing at this address for the past 12 months (or with the intention of staying for 12 months) should be included, even if the address is not the same as the one included on their identity card. Persons who are on holiday or temporarily away due to work, study, or medical reasons should also be included. Babies born before and up to Sunday 21 November 2021 should be included, even if these are still in hospital.

To which period should the information refer?

Unless otherwise stated, all information provided in the questionnaire should be as at midnight of Census Night, namely 21 November 2021. Questions making reference to different time frames will be clearly indicated in the respective questions.

What happens once I complete the log-in process?

  • Upon logging in, you will be asked to insert the address details. You will be prompted to complete this section only once at first log-in. Therefore it is very important that you ensure that all address details are correct and in the appropriate fields before continuing. Also, please provide at least one contact number for future reference, in case of any queries or issues.

  • When filling in the ‘Address Section’ in the online questionnaire, all mandatory fields – indicated by an asterisk * – must be completed before proceeding. If these mandatory fields are left empty, they will be marked with a red outline and you will not be able to continue.

  • Certain fields that have a drop-down menu will be available and can be accessed by clicking on the downward arrow located on the right-hand side of the field box.

Must I complete the questionnaire once I start, or is it possible to save and continue later?

The online questionnaire allows you to save and continue later. Once you successfully log-in, you can continue where you left off and submit. For security reasons, every time you access the questionnaire, you will be asked to input the username and password which was provided to you.

How do I navigate through the pages?

To move from one page to another you can do so by clicking the ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’  buttons, both located at the bottom of the page.

To go to the first or last available page you can click on the ‘Double Arrow’ buttons , both located at the bottom of each page.

How should I input the information in the questionnaire for each individual resident?

  • Once the address is confirmed, the next step will be to create a profile tab for each resident, indicating their name and surname. This is necessary, since a separate questionnaire needs to be completed for each member at the address. If more than one member resides at that address, a new profile tab can be created by clicking on ‘Add Person’. To remove a profile tab, click on the ‘Remove’ button. The separate questionnaires can then be accessed by clicking the ‘Start’ button.

  • For each address, a Dwelling Questionnaire needs to be completed. This only needs to be filled in once by any member at the address. This questionnaire can be accessed by clicking the ‘Start’ button found underneath the profile tab/s.

  • At the end of each member questionnaire and the dwelling questionnaire, a confirmation message appears asking whether all the requested information has been provided. If the questionnaire is complete, click on ‘Yes’ and return to the profile tab/s screen. If the questionnaire is not complete, click on ‘No’ and you will be able to continue the questionnaire later.

  • When all of the member questionnaires and the dwelling questionnaire are confirmed as complete, a button will appear at the bottom of the page prompting you to submit all the questionnaires for that address. By clicking the ‘Submit’ button, the final submission is complete and a thank-you message should appear to indicate successful submission.

How should questions be answered?

  • Many of the questions require you to choose only one answer from the list of options provided. To do so, tick the small circle next to the answer that applies to you. It will be marked in blue.

  • For questions where more than one option can be selected, a small square will be used instead of a circle. You can mark as many squares that apply to you for that specific question. They will be marked in blue.

  • In cases where none of the options provided apply to you, you will need to select the ‘Other (Specify)’ option and provide additional information in the text box next to it.

What if I do not understand the question?

  • Additional guidance notes and general examples are available for each question. These can be accessed by clicking the ‘Question Mark’ symbol next to the question number.

  • All questions require an answer. If a question is left empty, the message ‘Answer required’, in red, will be displayed under the question.

What if an error message appears?

  • An error message is shown in red text underneath questions in cases when the answer breaks any of the in-built rules for that specific question. You would need to check the answer provided and amend accordingly before you can proceed.

  • Whenever a particular answer is potentially in conflict with previous answers, a warning message is shown in red together with the option to ‘Suppress . If you are sure the information provided is correct, the ‘Suppress’ button would enable you to proceed to the next page. Otherwise, if a mistake was made, edit the information as needed and the warning message will automatically disappear if there are no further conflicts.

What should I do in case of any difficulty?


In case of any difficulty, you can contact the Census Office on 1710 everyday, including weekends, from 8am till 10pm throughout the months of October and November 2021. Moreover, the Census Office can be reached through the official website, or via email on


For any further information on the 2021 Census of Population and Housing check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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