05 Nov 2021

Census Enumerators

As from Monday 8 November, a 1,000-odd enumerator force will start getting in touch with those dwelling members who have not yet completed the questionnaire online. If the dwelling members do not intend to complete the questionnaire online or cannot do so for one reason or another, the enumerator will offer to assist them and set an appointment to complete the Census questionnaire over the phone, face-to-face or on paper.

For your security, all of our officially recruited enumerators will present the NSO tag bearing the name, surname and photo when collecting information in your area. In case of doubt, you may call 1710 to confirm the identity of your assigned enumerator.

All enumerators take the oath of secrecy as stipulated in the Census Act prior to engaging in any data collection. This is to ensure that your personal information is kept confidential and secure. Any portable media devices used throughout the data collection process (e.g. tablets) will be configured by means of encryption so as to ensure maximum protection of data. Only official NSO staff will access the information stored on these devices.

Whenever the enumerator’s assistance is physically required in the respondent’s home, the enumerators will observe all safety measures in accordance with the directives from the Public Health Authorities, including having the necessary protective equipment.

The Census of Population and Housing will run until November 28. Once again, we remind everyone that participation is obligatory by law. The NSO would like to thank everyone for the cooperation shown so far and will continue to encourage those households who can fill in the questionnaire online to do so, since it only takes a few minutes to complete.

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