Who should respond?

Although any resident within the dwelling may provide information on behalf of other members, it is encouraged that all persons residing in the dwelling respond to their Personal section within the questionnaire. Proxy information is accepted if the information provided is considered reliable (ideally the proxy must be at least 18 years old). The Dwelling section found on page 22 of the Census questionnaire may be completed by any member of the dwelling.

In case of temporarily absent persons (e.g. living temporarily abroad, hospitalized, residing in a holiday dwelling, temporarily in an institution etc.), or any other difficulty in establishing “usual” residence, either contact us on 25997410 or speak to your enumerator.

Maltese people

Explore the Census questionnaire

Answering the 2021 Census questionnaire is quick and easy. You will need to answer simple questions about yourself and everyone who is living in the dwelling with you as at Census day. Below, you will find a list of topics included in the Census questionnaire.


Topics at individual level:

  • Population demographics;
  • Vital statistics;
  • Country of birth and citizenship;
  • Race and religion;
  • Migration;
  • Past residences (including abroad);
  • Health;
  • Education; and
  • Labour and economic status.


Topics at dwelling level:

  • Building structure;
  • Tenure status;
  • Facilities;
  • Holiday dwellings; and
  • Vacant dwellings.

Disclaimer: Any personal information collected by the NSO will be treated as confidential and used for statistical purposes only.

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