Pilot Project

21 Jun 2021

8:00 am


In preparation for the 2021 Census of Population and Housing, the NSO will be carrying out a Census Pilot Survey during the months of June and July 2021. The survey will involve around 220 dwellings selected from six localities throughout Malta and Gozo. The Census Pilot Survey is a small-scale census that will test the new questionnaire and the new enumerator technology for the next full Census which will take place in November 2021.  The feedback obtained from the Census Pilot will directly inform decisions on how the Census 2021 will look and operate.

If selected, participation in the Census Pilot can be made through the online self-completion questionnaire or else through an NSO interviewer via either a paper-based or tablet-based questionnaire. For the first time, the Census Pilot will also be available in four languages: Maltese, English, Italian and French. In addition to the questionnaire, the interviewers will also be collecting feedback from participants on their experience participating in the Census Pilot. For security purposes, official NSO interviewers will be carrying an Office Identification Card.

May we remind that by law, any information collected is confidential. The NSO collects data for statistical purposes only and cannot publish identifiable information or share it with third parties. The NSO will apply all necessary confidentiality and anonymisation processes. The NSO is also GDPR compliant.

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